Making LED jewelry? Building a dating app? Writing the great African novel?

Whatever work you do, it deserves a place where it can get done. CHIPS is a comfortable, friendly co-working space that helps you achieve your goals and treats you with respect. We won't make you attend our monthly quinoa bake off, but we can offer you:

  • A beautiful desk
  • A comfy chair
  • Fast fibre internet
  • Day, night and weekend access
  • An address for your parcels and packages
  • Heating for the winter, A/C for the summer
  • Use of our boardroom for meetings & presentations

Welcome to the East City.

At the edge of the former District Six, this neighbourhood is alive with history and cultural activity. Most recently, it has become a hub of craftspeople, startups & fine food and is luring casual visitors to Cape Town away from the Waterfront. The nearest MyCiti bus station is a 2 minute walk away from our office and metered, unmetered and limited private parking are nearby.

Photo by Probuxtor/iStock / Getty Images

Serious about coffee

The East City can lay claim to being the coffee destination in Cape Town, being the HQ for Truth Coffee, Haas Coffee, Kamili Coffee, Potion Coffee and New York Bagels, with more cafes and roasters set to open business here soon.

Witness the fitness

We are a sprint away from Virgin Active, Krav Maga, Fives Football, a rock climbing gym, Crossfit, MMA and even pole dancing classes. If you can get buff doing it, it's probably available in our area.

Check out the view

As a Capetonian, it's nice to be able to look up from your desk and confirm that the beautiful mountain is still in fact there, safe and sound.


Great work needs a happy home. Make CHIPS yours.


Low price

We charge R1950 per desk per month at the beginning of each month. That includes internet, weekend access and all the basics you would expect.


We don't require a long-term commitment, and our contract is no longer than a couple of tweets.


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